Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well, this is not the plan I had for this summer. I am still sick. I have multiple viral and bacterial infections that are just horrid. I am on a heavy duty antibiotic now and have a super cough medicine to help me sleep. Unfortunately I have not been able to sleep lying down for over a week now.

I am happy to report that the boys are having a great time this summer. All three of my men got roller blades last weekend. They have been "learning" how to stay on their feet now all week. They have all fallen once each, now. Their nicknames for each other a cute - Rob is Bullet, Malcolm is Torpedo and Patrick is Rocket Launcher.

The pool is a big hit. They are in it everyday. I haven't been so lucky because of being sick. I am hoping next week I will be feeling well enough to get in. I am so worried that I will make the pool sick. Sounds silly but its true...if you have infections you can put it in the pool and make everyone else sick.

How are your summers going? What have you been up to? Thanks for stopping by.


Sunshine :^D