Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Spring!! Thank Goodness It's Spring!!

We did it! We made it through Winter!! Holy Hannah we did it again! Winter is over and Spring has sprung! The snow is gone and I am so very proud to say we were able to take down our outside Christmas decorations before the Easter Bunny arrived!! Phew! The shame!!

The weather has been unseasonably warm here in Winnipeg! We have almost no snow and the air is warming up enough that no jackets are required when driving in the car! What a treat not to be all bundled up anymore! Layers seem to be the key way to dress these days to make sure you can strip off to keep cool!

I am wishing we had time last Autumn to plant bulbs, right now. I would love to see those bright spots of colour right now poking out of the ground. Oh well, there is always this Autumn.

How are all of you doing? We appreciate all of your words of condolence and support while we have been enduring our recent loss. It never fails to inspire me and remind me just how close and supportive our paper crafting community really is. Cards continue to arrive and soon we will be sending out our Thank You cards. So those of you who sent us lovely cards, watch your mail boxes for little thank you cards from us.

Sunshine's Stamps have launched some new and Uber cute images for Easter. Check out their blog Sunshine's Stamps to see the teasers posted and the Dream Team blogs for the actual images!

There is all kinds of fun planned in the near future - with a new Sunshine's Stamp Challenge over on SNR Card Universe and a new Mother's Day Blog Hop coming up on May 1st with a challenge and prizes to be won!

Well, that's all for me tonight. Time to head to bed. Thanks for stopping by today everyone!



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