Monday, April 5, 2010


Sunshine's Stamps is hosting a new challenge over on SNR Card Universe. Its the first challenge they have ever hosted that you MUST use a Sunshine's Stamp image for. The first challenge is super easy - just use the free image they are providing to enter the challenge. Doesn't get much easier than that, does it?! LOL!! The free image is this one - Wreath - Click on the image to enlarge and right click to Save As to play along - you can use this image over and over again in the challenges that are going to be coming up. The really neat thing about the new challenge is that the winner will be determined by a vote! Not a randomly generated number!! So this is your chance to actually win based on your talent!!

This image was originally created to be used as an Autumn Wreath - but it was soon discovered that it could be used for all seasons and in all colours. Here is a beautiful example of the wreath in aqua, posted by Sunshine's Stamps Dream Team member - Chrissy on her blog "Creations of a Chat Box Chick" -

Click on the image to enlarge it so you can see the is truly a gorgeous card to behold! Be sure to hop on over to Chrissy's blog to check out her other creations. don't forget to become a follower - her creations are sure to inspire and motivate you to wonderful creations!

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Sunshine :^D


  1. Saw this on her blog earlier - and it is FANTASTIC!!! Love what she did with that image!

  2. I know its awesome, right>! I just love it! I've seen it in person and of course the pic doesn't do it justice!!!

  3. Sunshine, I do not know if you check your blog or not but I just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I hope you are having a good summer and things are going well for you. Also you are getting yourself organized and things are setteled down for you on your job. Just because we do not hear from you does not mean we do not think of you. Hope all is well.
    Hug, Pat