Sunday, June 20, 2010

OMG!! I'M Posting on my Blog!!

Hello everyone. I hope there is someone out there still popping in here to check things out. I wanted to let you know that Sunshine's Stamps is taking a hiatus for the summer.

We are in our annual preparations for our boys to arrive from PEI. We have completely renovated their bedrooms this year and are in the process of completing Patty's room. They are anything but dull, our boys...Malcolm chose purple and turquoise and Patty chose lime green and orange (Well he actually chose red...but I talked him into orange...looks better) so we are in the midst of getting it all together. Patty's bed has been bought and will arrive the day before he gets here. The walls have the first coat of paint and I picked up the fabric for the curtains tonight.

It's been raining cats, dogs and penguins here in Winnipeg this Spring. We've had floods and as a result we have a bumper crop of mosquito's right now!!! OMG! The mosquito's are so heavy you have to run from your car to the house so fast, it's like you're an escaped convict!!!

The little bast#$^ds are going to be sprayed this week all across the city - or we will be carted off and dropped when we've all been sucked dry and become dusty dried out husks...not that I'm resentful of the mosquito population in Winnipeg!!! If you've never been bitten by a mosquito in Winnipeg you have never experienced the pain! Those little bast#$^ds hurt!!!

Enough of that...I must get my butt in gear...laundry to do and then bed. Work tomorrow. I have no idea where the weekends go, but they certainly fly by faster than any other day of the week!

Take care!


Sunshine :^D


  1. Oooh...mosquitoes. There's one thing I don't miss!!!! Can't tell you when the last time was that I saw one around here...and that's a good thing!

    The bedrooms sound like they're coming along nicely!

    Enjoy your summer! Everyone needs a little time off. :)

  2. Thanks Marlene! I will post pics of the bedrooms once the boyo's see them! They are pretty cool. Happy first day of summer!!

  3. Can't wait to see the bedrooms!!!! Hope the boys have a nice stay! :) Glad to see you've drawn something!! Awesome! Enjoy the time off!! We'll be here when you are ready!