Thursday, June 24, 2010


Holy Smokes! Earthquakes and tornado's, floods and mosquito's! Not the best time be in Canada! Holy cow!

I'm not sure but I think Mother Nature is starting to get pi%*#ed off at the damage being done to her world!!

Yesterday in Canada we had an earthquake, a few tornado's and there continues to be flooding in the mid-west...and not so significant-but oh so annoying - a huge explosion in the mosquito population here in Winnipeg!! don't breathe through your will suck one in....YUCK!!

On a personal front, our boys will be arriving on Sunday and we are so excited for their arrival. We are making lots of changes to their bedrooms and we are excited to see what they think of their new spaces when they get here.

Our summer officially begins on Sunday when our boys arrive. Have to start our list of things we want to go and do this summer. The time flies so very quickly each summer. What are you all planning to do as a family this summer? Doing anything unique that would be fun to share with others? Our boys are 14 and 12...gosh time sure doesn't stand still!

Off to work I go. Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all a wonderful day!


Sunshine :^D

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