Friday, October 9, 2009



See this tree? It should have no leaves when the snow falls...see the ground...barely any leaves!! Hardly supposed to snow today now is it??!!

See this tree? This is the tree that Robbie is going to climb like a monkey to get the Christmas lights up in BEFORE the snow comes!! Hardly time for it to snow today, now is it??!!

See this grass??? It hasn't had it winter mowing yet! Its still long and lush! It needs to be cut short for the winter...hardly seems like it should have snowed today!!

OK Mother Nature..we need to have a chat! I know we live in Winnipeg, often referred to as WINTERPEG...but this is a LITTLE extreme don't you think??!! If you're bored, there are places in the world that could use a nice gentle shower, or a sunny day to do their shopping or how about a sunny day or two so the farmers can finish their harvest...LAY OFF the SNOW lady!! "Nuf is "Enuf!!" Winter begins on the calendar in December...we expect you here in WINTERPEG in November...that's early enough!! Go pick on someone your own size!! Isn't Jack Frost on the naughty list right now!! Go bug him!! Shoot some sunshine up his behind!! NO MORE SNOW in WINTERPEG this MONTH!!

Jeez!!! Thanks for stopping by for my rant!!

Sunshine:) with a chance of FLURRIES!!!!

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  1. Makes me happy I'm in southwestern VA, it was 85 here that wasn't nice was it, didn't mean to rub it in, but you can keep that snow girlfriend!