Wednesday, October 14, 2009



It finally happened! I found my mojo! It wasn't under the couch. It wasn't under the bed. It wasn't in the mailbox (though many lovely things come to my mailbox! LOL) It was at STAPLES!! Robbie and I went to Staples to buy some ink for our printer...we were out and I couldn't print a thing! DISASTER!! How can I print my wonderful creations without ink???

We picked up the ink cartridges at the store and started looking around and what did I find?? I found a Kodak Printer, scanner, fax, photo printer all in one! The ink cartridges for the other printer came to $70 before taxes...the cartridges for this printer combined (Black and colour)....are you ready for it??!! $25!!! I fool you not! $25 for both cartridges! SOLD!!! The printer was on sale $100 off! and what we will save in ink over the next 6 months will pay for the $200 it did cost us!

The added benefit of buying the printer??? I found my MOJO!!! I made a card that I can't show you yet...sorry...really, I would love to show you but I can't!! I will show you on the weekend!!***SNICKER*** I'm such a tease!! ROFL!!

But I did make this!! It features our newest image that we are going to be giving away FREE this weekend!! Why are we giving it away free you ask??!! We are finally having our Online Store's Grand Opening Event! Our in-store special for this weekend - from October 17th 8AM - October 20th 9PM (Central Time) : Buy any two images and receive our Autumn Wreath image for FREE!! The image will be put in our store for sale on October 21st, so be sure to get it while it's free!!

We are also having a Mini Blog Hop with our Sunshine's Dream Team! Mystery Blog Candy where you have to leave a comment on each of the participating blogs because no one but ME knows which blog I will be choosing to pick the winner from!!

We are having a challenge too! Tami will be hosting a challenge on her blog - The Journey of Life

Be sure to hop to Tami's blog and take part in the fun challenge she has planned! It's going to be fun AND the winner if going to get to choose 3 free images from our store!! How fun is that??!!

Here is a picture of the mini clipboard I made tonight and broke my 6 week creative drought!!! There is more information on the project over on Sunshine's Stamps blog and more pics too!

Thanks for stopping by everyone! I hope you save the date October 17th 8AM Central Time - October 20th 9PM Central Time to take part in our fun and games!! Enter our challenge, comment on the blogs and become a follower if you aren't already! We look forward to seeing you all there!!

Thanks for stopping by~!

Hugz to one and all!



  1. Woohoo - so glad your mojo is back - just in time for your - just need to figure out what time it is here - LOL!
    LOVE your clipboard- your mojo is soooooo back!

  2. I love your project! Really great that your mojo has returned!

  3. YAY now can you come find my Mojo? LOL
    I LOVE that new image and what a deal you got on the printer! FUN FUN FUN STUFF coming up I cannot wait till the weekend!

  4. crack me up!!! But my gosh girl.....yes you DID find your mojo!! This is gorgeous!!!

  5. Hey- I'm locked out of my Yahoo e-mail accounts because of a huge phishing scam virus that has crippled Yahoo. I haven't been able to access my e-mail since last night. If you need me please leave me a blog comment- they are moderated so no one will be able to read it or to: hstrenzwilk at verizon dot net