Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is the display that Mother Nature put on here in Winnipeg yesterday afternoon and continued on until midnight! YUP! Midnight! I can't wait to turn on the news and find out how many fender benders happened in Winnipeg yesterday!! Ready for snow on October 9th...I DON'T THINK SO!!!

Again..let me remind you...this tree sheds it's leaves in the Autumn...apparently it's confused...what is it supposed to do with it's leaves if Autumn is cut short due to Winter tripping in on the light fantastic in early October?? Oh the fun!! How exactly does one rake leaves in the snow???

YES! That is snow weighing down the side of the tree! OMG! Can you just hear the birds that live in that tree...and there is a whole famdamily living in there!! Someone was getting grief for leaving the door open last night! I bet papa bird is a smidgen cranky this morning after being hen pecked last night to get all that snow off the front door step!! We are going to have to put the bird feeder out there right exactly do you find itty bitty food when its covered in heavy sticky snow?!! Mother Nature Sucks!!!

This is what is left of my front garden. There are petunia's and begonia's buried under there!! No, really! There are!! Not to mention the long lush grass! OY!! Wonder if we will be able to get out there to get that final Fall mowing done??!! They say...its supposed to warm up next week??!! Do I believe them?? Not sure...juries out...we got snow the first week of November last year and the dang stuff stayed until MAY!!!

My theory has changed and I think that Mother Nature and Jack Frost are in cahoots!! I think they are having a clandestine affair and this is the result!! Like they could get together and we wouldn't end up getting the side effects of it!! Jeez!! I think there should be a meeting of the the Headless Horseman, the Thanksgiving Turkey, Santa, the Elves, Cupid, the Easter Bunny, the MOLENATOR, and any other SUPER POWER we regularly call upon to make our holidays great and hold a coup! Mother Nature needs to be taken down a peg or two...maybe she should be reduced to traffic reports for clouds for a while to get her perspective back! And Jack...oh Jaaaaa aack!! I think he should be sent to Tahiti and made to sit in a beach chair with no sunblock for a few days!!! Oh that will thaw him out a smick!!

Who's with me??!! Lets go get 'em!!! Mess with us will you!! We will not be ignored!!! OK, so...who knows the MOLENATOR"S phone number???

Thanks for listening!!

Sunshine with chance of thawing ;)


  1. Ok this is making me COLD! I hate snow and this is just YUCK lol

  2. OMG- how early for snow. I hope your garden doesn't get messed up for next year.

  3. Looks like you guys might be in for one long Winter!!! Hope it's not too bad!