Thursday, November 5, 2009



It's that time of year again! Time to get ready for Christmas. We live in Winnipeg also known as Winterpeg! Last year was our first year in Winterpeg and we "thought" we were prepared for our first winter...NOT!

On Halloween last year we actually wore shorts and tee shirts. Its was so nice and warm. Our neighbours were outside putting up their Christmas lights. We had a good laugh at this early planning on the behalf of our neighbours. How wrong we were. Later that week the temperatures plummeted well below normal temps and we had our first snow storm that weekend! No Christmas lights were put up by us last year. We kept thinking about the new neighbours...did they think we were apposed to Christmas? Were we just Grinches?

We were not going to let that happen this year! So on Halloween Day we put our Christmas lights up in the big blue spruce in our front yard! Now this tree is a little high and we had never put lights in a tree that big before. I suggested that Robbie should just go into the center of the tree and just climb up the branches...nope...he got the ladder out. The tree is very full and it held the ladder in place. Our neighbours, Charlie and Doreen, came over and offered a hand. Heck Charlie is 17 feet tall - he could almost put the lights up standing on the ground!! LOL!! OK - maybe I exaggerate a smidgen about Charlie's height....he is really tall though!! We had to get another roll of lights to complete the tree. We also added some bird seed bells for our feathered friends this winter. It looks great and with the exception of the tree fighting back a bit...Robbie survived with just some needle pokes from the tree. Phew!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope this made you chuckle a bit and brightened your day! I will be posting a few new items tonight and tomorrow. Check back later to see what I have been up to!

Sunshine ; ^)


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day - looks a might chilly in your neck of the woods too!!! What a gorgeous tree - hope you can share some pics of it lit up!!!
    It's warming up here in OZ - finally some warmer weather! The BBQ has been on a few times already - Summer here we come!

  2. Great pictures.

    DO we really need to hear about nice weather (how mean lol). I would prefer either weather conditions than uk weather, rain rain rain.

  3. I enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your story about how cold it gets in Winnipeg. I hav a dear friend who lives there and I hear about how very cold it gets there. I'm so glad that you will have lights on that beautiful tree this year. Thank you for sharing your photos and what happened that day.