Thursday, November 19, 2009


Robbie and I went for a drive the afternoon of Remembrance Day. We ended up in Portage le Prairie. There is not a whole lot in Portage, let me tell you! There is however a huge Dollar Store!! {{Otherwise known as my Mother Ship}} we went in for a gander around. I was truly disappointed in their craft section! Either there are some serious crafters in Portage le Prairie or they just don't keep their craft section very well stocked.

I did however stumble across these glass plates. They are plain and simple and I thought "I can do something with those" so I bought some of them!

This is the first in a series of 8 plates I am making featuring our Christmas images. No two plates will be the same! I am pretty excited about the whole thing.

Here is plate number 1 featuring our Poinsettia image. What do you think?

I took a couple of pictures so you could see the shine as well as the images clearly. Not easy to do with glass!

The images are are coloured using my Prismacolour markers and then cut out. I then stripped the layers of paper until I was left with the thinnest layer of paper with the image on it. I Mod Podge'd everything and added gold damask napkins on the back of it all. The entire works has a couple of coats of clear water based acrylic over it all. The plates will never be able to go through the dish washer, but will withstand hand washing with a little soak.

Plate #2 is in the works. Its totally different from this one!! I can't wait to show it to you!! taking pics of wet glue! Not so appealing when its in that stage, really! Stop by tomorrow for plate #2 of 8!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugz and friendship from a very sticky fingered

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  1. Sunshine, this is truly an amazing piece of art. What a fab idea and your family will have these to treasure year after year.