Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Humpty Dumpty

Wednesday, Wednesday....hump day....over the hump....on the downside of the week...weekend in waiting...

How many ways can we harmonize and rhapsodize over the downside of the week? Everyday of the week seems to wane in and wane out with the apparent slowness of a tide on a new moon..yet Saturday flies by like the end of the world is nigh and there is never enough time because the day flies by so quickly! Why is that??

So how was your Wednesday? Mine was super busy. Full of multiple tasks and wonderful people. I'm one lucky gal to work with the people I work with. Even days with challenges or just tons to do are enjoyable in their own way.

I am supposed to be doing some homework right now but I can't seem to put my head back in the game. My brain is officially swiss cheese.
...Ummm apparently I not only have holes in my head...but I'm subletting!! LOL!!

Well, me & my cheese are gonna go to bed before we smother hubby in his snoring sleep!! Have a great sleep everyone!!

Tomorrow is day closer to FRIDAY!! and of course this is the weekend we Spring Forward for daylight's savings time. Woot! Woot!

Hugz to one and all,

Sunshine :^D


  1. Love the Swiss cheese movement on the part of the mouse. Where in heavens did you get such a picture?