Saturday, March 5, 2011

I got a little lost along the way

Hi to anyone who may be reading this post. I don't expect that anyone would since I have been so very lame about posting to my blog(s) that I haven't posted in ages and ever so long.

To get you all caught up on what's been happening. Around the last time I posted I think I was still PO'd at my previous employer for her nasty two facedness (is that a word? No? oh well...I'm gonna use it anyway) and had moved on to a new position as a computer course instructor. I am super happy to report the new job is wonderful and the group of gals I work with are AWESOME!

Hubby is still working both ends against the middle. He's tired most of the time and we are anxious for his posting to his new position this coming summer. I for one will be most joyous when he passes over that dang Blackberry to his incoming replacement. He hasn't had a day off since we got to Winnipeg the summer of 2008!

The little boys are doing well...but not so little anymore! Jeesh! Malcolm is 6'2" and Patty is 5'11" now and they are 15 & 13 respectively. Holy Cow! They stand over us both! It's almost comical to see us shopping together or out and about..the two giant mutants and their not so giantly parental units!!! We are counting the days until summer break and the boys are here for the summer. We are looking forward to lots of pool time and I think we are going to plan some trips with them this summer to different spots around the province and possibly in Alberta. We'll see.

Our sister-in-law and my brother went to the Dominican Republic for a holiday this year. It was their first trip South in the winter and they are HOOKED! I would love to do that someday but it wont' happen for a while. The bright side of their going away is that we get our niece to stay with us for the week! That was great! It's nice having her around. She's a great gal.

Well, I am going to wrap up my first blog post in ages and I will try to be more regular with my posting. Now lets see if anyone comments on this there anyone still out there??




  1. It sounds like you work with a great group of girls. :)

  2. I am here Sunshine! Glad all is well with you!!

  3. I'm still here! Get back to blogging regularly, woman! :)

  4. Hi gals! I'm back! I'll post regularly..I promise!!

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