Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

Well, I guess there are people out there still reading my blog! How cool is that!! Thanks to everyone who checked out my new post yesterday!!

So today was Sunday (unless you're in Australia where it was Monday LOL!) and it was a sunny day here but still cold...-14 with a windchill close to it was a nice day in Winnipeg.

I came down with a cold last week and thought I was on the recovering end of it until this afternoon. I wonder that there is room in my head for all the snot in there!!! Honestly I'm grossing myself out!! "ICK!!"

Did I mention (and I know darn well I didn't) that hubby was in Halifax on Friday and brought us back 22 gorgeous lbs of luscious lobster?? OMG! It was to die for!! There is still one upstairs in the fridge waiting for me to make it into a lobster roll. ***Drool***

So, I'm trying to get myself motivated to lose weight. (Nice segway after talking about luscious lobster, huh??) I think I have convinced myself to join TOPS again. I was a long time member in the maritime s but didn't join once we moved here to Winnipeg. I think it's time for some accountability. I have considered Weight Watchers but don't like the cost involved. I pretty much know the ins and outs of healthy eating...its the accountability and exercising. I need to get my butt in gear. What do you gals do to get and keep motivated and have any of you tried kick boxing?? I'm thinking of trying it and want feedback from anyone who has tried it before I invest in any equipment.

OK, me and the Puff's Plus are signing off. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening everyone.


Sunshine :^D


  1. So glad to hear you and your family are well apart from your cold Christine, hope it soon goes. Never tried kick boxing, though like you have thought about lol! Take CareX:)

  2. hey Annette! How are you! Thanks for the greetings. I'll keep you all posted to let you know if I get any info or suggestions. :^D

  3. Holy canoli, that's a lot of lobstah! Did the airlines charge a mint for the overweight baggage full of claws?!!

  4. Nope! The airlines love lobster people and allow you to bring it along as an addition to your two carry-on bags!! How cool is that?! It was delish and I just had a lobster roll and had enough for one for lunch tomorrow. AWESOME!!

  5. Hello,

    I tried a cardio kickboxing class a while back and it was fantastic! Now I am not sure if it was true kickboxing as we shadow boxed (no equipment needed!) It was interval training with kickboxing knee strikes, kicks, and punches etc for cardio and with squats, push ups lunges etc. for "down time" being the lunges, pushups.

    Friend and I are trying another class hopefully next week (it was a groupon deal) that maybe a different format, I'll update once I try a class!