Friday, July 3, 2009


Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted before now. My youngest had a mystery illness severe enough to drag us out of bed at midnight and spend the rest of the night in the emergency room of our local hospital!! Arrived at the hospital 12:03AM July 1st - we left the hospital 2:30PM July 1st!!! Poor baby he was a human pin cushion to some really well - meaning nurses and doctors. For a boy who has never been seriously sick before it was quite an eye opener!! Thank goodness he is fine now. I will be giving him the "hairy eyeball" all summer now, watching for a re -occurrence...but he is fine...his mama...traumatized!! :(

On to the latest Angus Argus cards and projects. I decided that it was important to show you all how very versatile it is to deal with digital images. They can be manipulated and played with like rubber stamped images cannot. For instance I can make multiple images on one card...that aren't the same size!! Once we launch some of our other images you will see how they can be used together on a card in a way that makes sense and sets a scene!!

The first two images are the covers of my boys Summer Photo Albums.

To keep it really easy for the boys, since they are going to be making the pages for their albums, the albums size is simply half of a sheet of 8.5"x11" paper. The next images are of cards that I have made with Angus. I have coloured him in different ways that you may not have considered when you looked at him, initially.

How cute are these cards!!??!! Both of the Angus's in these cards have been printed on digital paper I created for them!! The Halloween card has Angus paper pieced on the black background with a full moon riding high!! I initially planned on having the sentiment "Economy VS First Class...Witch would you choose?" but hubby didn't like that I chose the one on the card. As you can see the sentiment has been done by hand..not my preferred method as I have to absolute worst handwriting ever! But...I haven't found a printer that will print white ink yet!! Ah well!! The other card has a Canuk Angus sporting his maple leaves proudly!! The card has been stitched to add some dimension to a very simple card and the bling was added bling it up!! LOL!! This one if going off to our buddy serving with NATO!! Happy Canada Day, eh!!

The next cards are examples of different ways to colour Angus/Angie!! One card show us Angie in Love!! Hey!! It could happen!! She has been coloured in pinks and purples and decorated with my white gel pen with little white hearts. The skies are shining with heart shaped stars as well.

The final card is almost entirely computer generated and only took 10 minutes to make from beginning to end!! Ever get caught with little time and a celebration is happening for whatever reason and you have no card?? Digital images can be manipulated so easily! In this card, Angus was opened in "Paint" on my computer and I used the fill feature {PAINT CAN} to paint him different colours. The sky was even done on the computer. The sentiments are both computer generated and from a stamp. Of course we added a little bling for interest. Hope you like them and they inspire you to play with Angus and find different ways to make him shine!!

Well that's all for tonight gals and guys!! Remember to pop back on Saturday evening for our release of our next digital freebie - Lenny Loader!! Sure to be a "LOAD" of good times and fun!! Thanks for stopping by, all!! Thank you for your terrific support of our images!! More to come tomorrow!!

Don't forget to go to the lower posts to check out the links to wonderful cards created with Angus/Angie!! Here is another link to a blog posting an Angus Card!! Thanks Melanie!!



  1. Sunshine, Angie and Argus are so adorable! Love the different creations you have made with them both. Up, up and away! my Friend! The sky is the limit with these two cuties!

  2. WOW!!! I love the new blog!! Beautiful home for the beautiful creations!