Thursday, July 23, 2009

We Have a Winner!!!

We are very surprised and pleased to announce the winner of our first, and soon to be monthly, poll to determine our latest digital freebie.

The Winner is................. SUPERBIRD RACE CAR!!!

Unfortunately, I thought I had saved the poll results and somehow they weren't there when I went to paste them...after I had removed the poll from my blog...which of course means it has been sent to cyberspace Neverland!! Grrrrrrr. I can tell you that there were 74 votes in total and I believe the numbers were around 40 for Superbird, second place went to Spacey and third place was Caribou from Oz. Thanks to all who voted.

Superbird will be available to the general public on Saturday as usual. E-mail me and I will send it to you asap! Thanks for your continued support of Sunshine's Stamps! Thanks, as always, for stopping by!!


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