Wednesday, July 8, 2009



I decided to see how creative I could get, digitally, with our little Lenny Loader. I opened "Paint" on my computer and "painted" Lenny. Then I thunk and thunk {I do that occasionally ya know!} and decided I would prepare for an imaginary little boys birthday party. Lets see what I came up with!!

First there is the party poster behind it all that will go on the front door to greet all of the guests. Next is the party hat with Lenny front and centre. Lets not forget the drinking cup with Lenny on either side with the "Oh so necessary spot to write the child's name," front and centre. There is nothing worse than going through tons of paper cups because no one can remember which is theirs. {OK - there are things worse but it used to drive me INSANE} Then we have the Lenny Loader Coasters for the little tykes to put their drinking cups on. Now the fun stuff: the blower tags and the little paper baskets with yummy candy in them and finally the box of chocolates with the Lenny Loader tags front and centre. I didn't do treat bags for this party, I chose the little baskets because they hold a small amount of goodies but enough to get that lovely sugar high!! LOL!!

Now, lets look at the items up close:

This little box has a box of malted milk balls inside. I used crayon resist and wrote different variations of Yummy on the box. I then washed the paper in Caribbean Blue SU! ink. This made the writing pop out in white and created a very simple paper to wrap around a box of chocolates. Think of what your kids could come up with for wrapping paper using this simple technique!

OK, I admit, coasters aren't your usual child party fair. They are at mine!! Cool Aide is a killer to all surfaces!! These coasters are cute, cost pennies to create and there is no sense of loss felt when they are stained with cherry Cool Aide and head to the recycle bin.

My guys are long past the birthday party phase. However, being the mom of "my three son's" has taught me some valuable lessons. Such as how is it you can invite 6 children to a party and go through 3 sleeves of drinking cups?? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?? I will tell you. The little darlin's set their glass somewhere and can't remember which one is theirs, so they come and get a new one REPEATEDLY!!! all party long. Well, by the time my third son came along I was one savvy mommy. Everyone got a cup with their name on it!! I don't want to say I am frugal...but I really don't like spending money on frivolity like paper cups!

Isn't this little basket just he cutest? Lenny Loader is loud and proud on the front of this little basket. The basket is in lieu of the TREAT BAG. I was never a big fan of the Dollar -BAGAPALOOZA. I would rather give the children a few quality candy than a bunch of stuff that you know is going to end up in the garbage when their mother's go through it and declare it Junk!!

Finally we have the essential party hat. Lenny has been put front and centre and I added the curly ribbons to the top. The party is ready to begin. I was thinking of making a Lenny Stencil and put him on a cake but I thought you all might call the "she's gone crazy" police on me!! LOL!! I hope all of this gives you some good idea's and you consider making your child's next party super special by creating the coordinating decor all on your own!! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Sunshine! This is just FUNTASTIC! What a great idea for a party. Little tykes would love to have all of these goodie for their party! And imagine how proud they would be of their Mom's!

  2. so it all!!

  3. Wow!!! What an amazing party set. I'll have to keep this in mind, since I have 2 little boys and several nephews.

  4. didn't make ANY of this neat stuff for MY birthday last month!!! Humph!



  5.!!!!! What a cuuuuute party idea!!!! You have GOT to get these into an ETSY shop or something Sunshine!!! They're awesome!!

  6. dang, so when ds tells me the "theme of his party, I am totally casing this ideA!!!!! Love it!

  7. Oh what a FABULOUS idea!! Super clever!

  8. Fabulous love all of them, how talented you are!