Friday, July 24, 2009

Got Milk?? Meet Malcolm's Alter Ego Milly

How to turn a male image female?? Not all that difficult; as it turns out. I added lush lips and some long eye lashes and TA! DAH!! Milly makes and appearance!!


I had the greatest time with my glue pen and Martha Stewart fine glitter with this card!! Check out those lips! Check out that blue eye shadow Milly has goin' on!!

Here is a close up on Milly showing how she is raised on dimensionals and has diamond glaze on her headlights and windows.

Thought I would include a close-up shot of the Prima Flowers I used on this card that have been finished using diamond glaze and small beads. I just love the effect! Hope you do too.

Well, I hope this card made you smile and if you are interested in having a Malcolm/Milly Milk Truck of your very own to play with just send me a quick e-mail!!


Thanks for stopping by...I am heading to bed! Nite all!!



  1. Very cute..... come over to my blog, i have a little something for you.

  2. Awesome card! Great choice of embellishments.

  3. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!! I am in LOVE with this glittery princess on 18 wheels!!!!!!!!!! LOL