Friday, July 17, 2009


Malcolm Milk Truck
Today was the day the "destruction crew" arrived to our basement...or what used to be our basement. They arrived at 10AM and left at 5:30PM - the intervening hours were exhausting! The never ending banging, crashing, stinky air and loud voices of 5 human wrecking balls turned our normally quiet, serene household into an exhausting mix of noises, smells and people!! In the midst of all that, I made two cards....maybe I shouldn't have...but by hook or by crook I am posting them here for you to take a look at.

Sunshine's Stampers have been busy uploading as well and I will post where to find their lovely creations as soon as I find them all myself....I tell you, this flood has thrown my whole schedule outta whack! If in doubt, click on the links to my DT's blogs on my sidebar and hop on over to their blogs to see they have posted recently.

OK - enough is enough. Here is the first card I made this afternoon. I hope you like it!

I decided to put a few images of Malcolm on this card. The image that looks white in the centre is actually silver but hard to photograph. I have used rhinestones for all of the lights and headlights for the trucks and white dew drops in the corners. Here are a couple of angles to get the proper perspective of the card; along with a close up of the trucks to show that they are actually raised at three different levels on the card.

Finally the inside of the card has been finished with the same dp as the outside of the card and the rear end of the first milk truck. The sentiment has been placed on a die cut sent to me by one of my Stamptv Wild Roses!!

That's all for this card. I hope you liked it and it gave you some idea's. Thanks for stopping by and it's my hope you come back to see the next card I did this afternoon!


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