Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have been nominated for another award! How cool is that?! It's the CIRCLE OF FRIENDS BLOGGER Award.

I received it from one of my wonderful followers, Annette. Thanks so much honey! Now the work begins...I have to name 5 {yup only 5} bloggers that I admire and want to honor with this award. Jeepers...how can I do that! I follow more than 100 blogs! I love them all! Well here goes...no one be offended that I didn't nominate them...there are just too many to pick from!!

OK, now I am off to leave comments on all of these ladies blogs to let them know they have been nominated. If you are reading this, check out their wonderful blogs! I sure do! I hop on over whenever I get a chance and get their weekly updates delivered right to my inbox! Gotto love that! Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a terrific day...cross your fingers for me...I am going to attempt to finish my new online store today....which is supposed to go live tomorrow....GULP!! Horror of all horrors if I don't meet my own self-imposed deadline!!!! Hugz to you all!!



  1. Thanks! I'll have to do a post tomorrow with all of my blog awards :)

  2. Awesome!! Thanks so much, I'm very honored to be on this list. HUGS!! ~ky