Tuesday, August 11, 2009



OMG! OMG! OMG! Just in time for "BACK TO SCHOOL" {Three of the most beautiful words in the world to some parents!} we are introducing (c)Barney Bus! Good 'ol (c) Barney Bus is sure to be featured front and center on many a scrapbook page, paper project and card this September!! Barney Bus came into existence at the request of one of our Sunshine Stampers who is a ....you guessed it...a TEACHER! The beautiful thing about (C)Barney Bus, is that he isn't just for back to school...he can be used for field trips, summer camp, sports trips...any event or occasion that we all have ever piled into a school bus to attend!! So put your thinking caps on lets see what you can create with (C)Barney Bus!!

(C)Hockerdocker Helicopter is the second release in our High Flier Series. Isn't he just the cutest?!! Hockerdocker gets his name from my brother! When my brother was wee, he couldn't say "helicopter" so he used to say "hockerdocker"!! It just seemed appropriate to use his word to name our first helicopter image. {That's right the first...there will be more helicopters released in the future.} (C)Hockerdocker Helicopter is sure to be flying high on manly-men cards and man-cub cards alike; for all occasions!!

(C)Steamy Stanley has been requested by so many supporters and design team members I can hardly keep it straight. Now, (C)Steamy Stanley is a 'steam engine' of old. He is sure to bring back memories for our parents and grandparents and spark the imaginations of man-cubs and cubettes when they lay their eyes on him!! (C)Steamy Stanley can be used on all manner of cards for all occasions. He is sure to please!! For those of you who are wondering if there will be other trains.....you betcha!! There are modern trains and cabooses just waiting to be launched!! Patience young grasshopper...you will get what you seek..it will just take some time!!!

"How do I buy these??" I bet you are asking! LOL!! Just click on the image or the name of the image and you will Hop to our Shop! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  1. These guys are SUPER-DUPER! Won't they be fun to play with -- they have such personality!

  2. WOW I love these! I remember the days when I LOVED those 3 words LOL
    mine are grown and gone now WOOT

  3. HI ALL from Newfoundland!
    For the curious, Hocker Docker is based on the REAL CH-149 Cormorant Rescue helicopter in Greenwood, NS, Canada and Comox, BC, Canada. The REAL birds are warm Yellow with Red tail stripe and Red engine area...just for the curious. 8^( I MISS MY SUNSHINE!!!! XO Babe.

  4. Love the newbies - they all have such possibilities!