Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The day has finally arrived! We got in the pool today after work. The boys had so much fun, it was wonderful to see them enjoy the pool.

Rob put the two pool loungers together. I did what every loving, supportive wife would do at a time her hubby is embarking on putting together something that has 3 million pieces! I went inside and made supper!!

Rob just reminded me...he tried to do a handstand in the pool and swallowed half the pool and snorted the other half up his nose...not pretty folks...and then he spend a considerable time at the side of the pool hacking, gacking, snorting, turning an unattractive shade of purple and making sounds that no one really wanted to hear...OMG! that man is dying! Someone should man is hurling his guts up....***slowing backing away - maybe no one saw me and I can get away before this gets any uglier than it is already....nope...stuck here...hearing the whole ugly episode**** It was lovely...did I mention that during the construction phase of the evening...he swallowed a mosquito...more hacking, gacking and ugly noises ensued...oh it was a lovely time in the backyard oasis today!! LOL!!

Off I go to tuck the boyo's in. Thanks for stopping by!


Sunshine :^D


  1. Between Robbie snorting water and mosquitoes and you two are a winning team! LOL!

  2. No! No! No! It was all Robbie choking, gacking and snorting!! He had quite the afternoon! LOL!!

  3. LOL...I thought I had read on your facebook status that you choked on a piece of meat not long ago??!!!

  4. You did...not a good trend we are setting is it?? LOL!!