Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well, every year it seems that our son Patrick arrives for the summer with a cold or some sort of illness...this summer was no exception. However, the exception this summer is that I have managed to catch it! Dang it!

This is my long weekend and what did I wake up to this morning?? A wicked sore throat! I got up anyway and headed to the grocery store to get some supplies to make a super big breakfast for my boys! As I walked around the grocery store it occurred to me that I was really not feeling the best...prolly not the best time to figure that out right? I was after all driving myself!! OY!

Home I came, made breakie, woke up the boyo's and fed everyone...then went straight to bed and spent the day there! Read a book. Drank cold drinks, had a Popsicle (what happened to Popsicles? They are sooo not the same as the ones we had when we were kids) and slept on occasion....totally rocking day off huh??

Tomorrow, no matter how horrible I feel; we are heading to Selkirk to see the doggy Olympics. We are going to the Selkirk Fair and Rodeo to take in the attractions...that is dependent on the weather as well.

Today we had lightening & thunder today that was saying that I mean in the scariest, most terrifying incredible way possible!! There was one flash of lightening that sounded like it was literally ripping the heavens apart!!!

Well, I am off to take some meds and go back to bed. Thanks for stopping by!


Sunshine :^D

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