Friday, July 2, 2010



We are so pleased to see our new pool almost complete. We bought it in May and it is finally being installed. We had hoped it would be installed sooner but Mother Nature and the company we bought it from didn't really work together. But, today is a new day and the pool is almost complete. We have to say that the workers they use are awesome! They are incredibly hard workers and seem to be doing an amazing job.

{this is the style of pool we got - we don't have a deck yet - that will be next year and we are thinking of going all the way around with that upper deck section for easy entry into the pool. Can't wait to get in and splash around with the boys!}

Our new grill finally arrived today as well. We will be breaking that puppy in this weekend. Its a real grill so we will now be able to actually grill with even heat and try out all of those awesome recipes we have seen and never been able to do on our Canadian Tire $88 bbq! Let the fun begin...***drool***

Well off I go to COSTCO to buy the new goggles for the boys and sun screen for Malcolm - our peaches and cream skinned boyo.

Hope you are all having a great day! Thanks for stopping by!


Sunshine :^D

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  1. Love your new pool..we are thinking about getting one, but we want to wait till the kids are a little older. Our Jacuzzi works for now ;)