Sunday, July 4, 2010

Went to the Movies...

Today the four of us went to the movies...we went to "The Last Airbender"

Can someone explain to me how taking 2 boys (one still gets kid prices) and two adults to the movies came to just under $100??!! I mean holy smokes BATMAN!! This is getting crazy!

The tickets were $51.25 and then the snacks were $43.00 We didn't go crazy with snacks either...we bought 3 large pop, 1 large popcorn and 2 medium popcorn...THAT'S IT!!!! How can people who make minimum wage afford going to the movies?? How did kids afford to go to the movies??

When I was a kid (11-18) I went to the movies just about every fact if I liked the movie I went twice! I saw the movie Grease 8 times in the Theatre...Grease 2 at least 6 times, Xanadu 4 times and others at least twice!

That wouldn't happen these days! Why have the movies been priced out of the average person's pocket book?? is this because the "stars" of the movies are making such horrifically high salaries? Is it the cost of making the pictures? What is the justification of charging us this much money to see a movie...when I can wait three months and buy it on DVD for less than $2o?! I don't get it!

OK maybe its because we are going to these supposedly wonderful "super complexes" to see our movies? I for one have no interest in playing video games, buying pizza or other things before I go into the theatre...I want popcorn and pop! I would love to get Jellytots but those don't seem to be made anymore unless they are the "tropical" flavour...what happened to old fashioned - normal flavoured Jellytots??

I digress, what movie did you all go to see last and what did it cost you? I suspect it's not so much to go to the movies for my friends stateside. Looking forward to your comments.

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