Tuesday, July 13, 2010


EVERY SUMMER SHOULD HAVE A GOAL...ours is....to find the best hotdog in Manitoba

So, the summer is passing one day at a time and we have been exploring all of the "summer" food places we have heard about over the winter from our friends. Lessee, first we went to Dingo's Wild & Crazy Dogs...totally a hot dog restaurant on the chi chi Corydon strip...

Lessee what to say about this spot? We took the boyo's and they were quite impressed by the 250 different varieties of soda pop. After much discussion and consideration Rob and Malcolm chose some sort of Sasparilla (Root Beer to you and me) and Patty chose a blue cream soda...I, forever the cautious one chose a reliable domestic brew...Diet Coke.

Then onto the hot dog choices...Rob and Patty chose the Canadian Hot Dog and fries and gravy...this means a 10" hot dog with cheddar cheese, bacon, secret sauce and crunched up barbecue chips on top. I chose the Millionaire dog and fries (no gravy) the dog came with coleslaw (starting to go off-colour)(**I will come back this later on), chili and mustard. and the smarter child...hot dog with mustard and ketchup with fries - no gravy....as we are sitting there three customers came in - a single gentleman and a pair of ladies.

As we hoe through our food with knives and forks because the dogs are impossible to eat on their own without wearing a good portion of stain making condiments; the owner prepares an order for the gentleman...then he has taken the order for the ladies and he takes out a bag of shredded cabbage to make new coleslaw and he proceeds to tell the ladies - ***apparently completely forgetting that I am sitting there*** - "I need to make new coleslaw, the stuff I have here is starting to turn." ***AHEM*** I just paid a kings ransom for my "turned" coleslaw hot dog!!!

Oh yeah, the memories!!!...the best I can say is that its an independently run operation with lots of pop choices...the dogs...totally expensive - the 4 of us ate for $61!!

Not making any recommendations here.

Next -
we tried another hot dog place we have heard lots about - last night. We went to Half Moon Drive In, in Lockport Manitoba. We should have learned by now, right??

Now this place is totally cool in appearance. Its a believable 50's diner. Loved the atmosphere and the onion rings were awesome! The hot dogs...not the best. Even though they claim to have Canada's best hot dog!! We are pork hot dog fans...not beef. These were beef. ***sigh***

We ordered 3 hot dogs, two fries (medium) one onion rings (one size) a poutine and a double cheeseburger (The smart child strikes again)- also we got 2 medium fountain pop, one large fountain pop and one bottle of pop (Rob has to be different!! ).
The order came to $46 - better on the pocketbook at least than Dingo's dogs...but...we still haven't found a hot dog that we like.

Recommendations: The fries, onion rings, poutine, hamburgers and even the fountain pop were awesome...but the dogs have that casing that snaps when you bite into it and they are beef dogs...just wrong!! So very wrong! Therefore, we continue our quest for the perfect hot dog here in Winnipeg.

Wish us luck!! Thanks for stopping by!!


Sunshine :^D

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