Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's the middle of the week and I still have no voice. It's improving, which means I now sound like I have half a bucket of gravel and a bull frog in my throat.

The weather in Winnipeg has been spectacular! Of course that means the weather has been awesome while I have been too sick to use the pool. I have been worried that if I get water in my ears I'll end up with an ear infection on top of it all! So I watch the boys play and hope the weather holds so I can get my fun time in the pool.

On the up side of things, the boyo's and I went to our local Chapters and bought two new books to read together. They are actually murder mysteries and get of them is by John Grisham!! Who knew he wrote teen books!? I'm as excited about reading the books as the boys!

(5 ratings, 1 review)

The #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author delivers his first book for younger readers. In the small city of Strattenburg, there are many lawyers, and though he's only 13 years old, Theo Boone thinks he's one of them. But Theo soon finds himself dragged into the middle of a sensational murder trial.
OOOohhh!! So excited to get into this one with the boyo's! The other one we got is called "The Billionaire's Curse"

(3 ratings)

"Fast-paced, humorous and fun, The Billionaire's Curse [is] highly recommended."
-Magpies Magazine (Australia)

I think we did some great shopping at Chapters today. Now, for my darn throat to heal enough for me to read with the boyo's.

Years ago, when reading to the boyo's I developed different voices and accents for each character in the books we were reading. It's still a hit and I love reading with them! Soon enough they will think it's lame, so I'll have fun with them until they tell me they're too old for that silly stuff! ***sigh***it's gonna happen isn't it?!

Thanks for stopping by everyone.


Sunshine :^D

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