Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All Monday's Are NOT Created Equally

So I got up for work yesterday and put on my new and stylish hounds tooth jacket with the flashy purple flower on the lapel, added some cute bling and headed to work.

It all started out like the usual Monday. Answering e-mails, organizing the day's paperwork and having a cuppa java...then things got a little different.

I was called into my bosses office and asked about client calls and then she told that while this was really hard, she had to let me go..that it wasn't me, the income had dropped and she needed to cut costs...and that meant letting me go! She would give me 2 weeks severance and provide me with a glowing reference. She was sorry and I was sorry. I have been downsized due to the recession that we all like to think of as "over" here in Canada.

So now I begin applying for employment again. This time will be a little different since I now have a Winnipeg job to use on my resume. I applied for 4 jobs yesterday and will apply for more today. I have faith my previous boss will hold up her end of the deal and provide me with a glowing recommendation, which should help pave the way if I manage to get my way in to an interview.

I discovered quite some time ago, that job hunting in Winnipeg is a whole lot different from the other places in Canada I have applied for work. Unfortunately, the pool is huge here in Winnipeg and people with my qualifications are willing to work for so much less than their worth. The problem has been, and always will be that those qualities that make me stand out are difficult to quantify on a resume or cover letter. and so I begin again...fingers and toes crossed, hoping the fates of employment smile on me and my furlow in unemployment is short lived.

Until then, I am using a gift certificate I won at a Wedding Social this summer to join Curves for one month free. Then I am going to join the gym on the Base because it's time to stop fooling around and get fit.

I apologize for not blogging more in the recent past. I was sick for 7 weeks this summer...not inspiring stuff to blog about...mind you...if any of you own stock in Puff's Plus...you can thank me for single handedly raising the stock price this summer!!!

We had an awesome summer with our boys! They are such wonderful guys. We just like their company. When they go home, which they did, their absence is felt profoundly. Our new pool was a hit and while I wasn't able to enjoy it because of being sick, I did plop my sad self down in my lounge chair beside the pool each afternoon while the boys played and asked them to have mercy on their old mom and splash me every now and again.

So, if anyone out in blog land lives in Winnipeg and knows of a business or corporation looking for a kick ass Executive Administrator...I'm your gal!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sunshine :^D

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