Monday, September 27, 2010


Malcolm and Patrick - Morris Stampede July 2010

(I was going through my memory cards from the summer to prepare the pics I want printed and found all kinds of pics we took but didn't really take the time to look at. Don't the boys look thrilled? It's around 40 degrees outside and we just arrived - they know its going to be a long hot day...but we had fun and we saw a rodeo...we'd never done that before and it was fun.)

It's Monday morning and the sun is shining and its going up to 21 degrees today! Woot! Woot! AWESOME!!

I am beginning my 30 days free at Curves this morning with my sister-in-law Chrissy. She has already started her 30 days...I have been supporting hubby in his quest to have some vacay in his vacation. So today he is back to work and I am heading to Curves. I am taking a litre of water and a hand towel since I am going to be a puddle by the end of this...not pretty folks...I am not one of those gals who perspires all delicately without even turning pink. Nope...I will sweat like I've been dunked in a pool of water and my face will be all red and blotchy as will my neck and upper chest. Oh yes..SEXY with a capital SSSSSSSSSSS!!

Once Chrissy drops me off after Curves I have a plethora of things I could do...but what will I choose? Laundry? Read a book. Dusting upstairs and down? Read a book. Tidy the living room and get it moved around and ready to take all of the furnishings from the master bedroom when we paint? Read a book. Go outside and decorate for fall? Read a book. Work on the garage? Read a book. Tidy the kitchen? Read a book....sensing a trend here? Hmmm...wonder what will win out??

So Fall has come in like a lamb...not good. In Manitoba that means we will have snow by Halloween..leaves a person with such dilemmas...Halloween decorating or skip that and just get the dang Christmas decorations outside so that we don't freeze our bazumba's off doing it after Halloween. Decisions, decisions.

Well, since my sister-in-law is not going to be here until closer to 11 now, I guess I will go and get some laundry done and have some yogurt. I don't like eating a meal before working out..makes me feel kinda sick and since it's been a LONG time since I last worked out...I'm gonna feel sick anyway. So, yogurt will do.

Have a great Monday everyone. Thanks for stopping by Marlene.


Sunshine :~D

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