Friday, September 24, 2010

Rail Fan Day in Manitoba


We had a lovely time today rail fanning here in Manitoba. We caught a train early on and followed it as it did it's business dropping off cars along it's route to Souris, MB - now a side bar to my friends in PEI...Souris in Manitoba is not pronounced the same as it is in in Manitoba it's pronounced 'Sorris'.

We found a train! This is Robbie speaking to the Engineer finding out where they were heading today...and the chase begins.

We had lovely weather today. The sun was shining all the way to a community called Glenborough and then we ran into cloud and there was a very big potential for rain, so we decided to turn around and head for the sun again.

Robbie all in "photographer mode" right on the track...'cause the train was stopped'

We managed to catch another train on the way home and then we lost the light so there was no reason to follow the trains anymore. We drove to Portage la Prairie where we had supper at a local restaurant called Bill's Sticky Fingers...where we had ribs...yum!

I like this one...'cause I really like the bell on the train...I think it's a girl thing.

Here are some pics I took today. Robbie's are much more professional as he knows how to set up a shot and his camera is the Cadillac of camera's and can balance light and such...but all that pics turned out just fine and I had fun taking them..that's all that matters right?

Here are a few more that I took...the first one is the train as it is going by:

This one was taken in front of an old grain elevator that is on a back road behind the new elevator. I liked the hydrant as a splash of colour in the weeds:

Here is the old elevator

This is a shot of the "new" elevator in the distance behind the old one:

Here's the train coming around a corner at a level crossing. I managed to get a shot with the engineer, the lights and the tail of the train visible as the train curved around the corner...I like this one...whaddya think?

Here are a couple of the elevators we saw today:

This one was taken through the car window as we drove along beside the huh?

And now for some pics taken just because they were purdy:

This is a panoramic shot 'right' of a lovely look off we discovered today - the one below is a panoramic shot 'left' taken at the same spot:

The quintessential Mid-West photograph...Robbie got out of the car and laid down in the field and took photographs - I did not - I took this one from the car window:
and the final shot...Robbie doing what Robbie likes best...taking pictures!

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We had a fun time taking them today.


Sunshine :^D


  1. OMG that Bald man is HANDSOME! Where did you find HIM!!!???


  2. I find him every morning in the bed beside me! How cool is that??!!! :~D