Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hello all...or at least...Hello Marlene...I know you are reading my blog 'cause you left a comment or two or more! LOL! I know I have been away for a while from blog land and people forget to pop by to check out what's going on when there hasn't been anything worth while to look at for has been my case.

Hubby and I went to North Dakota on Monday and Tuesday and came back to Winnipeg on Wednesday morning. I had a telephone job interview on Wednesday morning so we had to be home for that or we would have stayed longer.

We had a great time. We shopped and did some sight seeing along the way. Hubby is an avid 'rail fan' so we did some train watching and taking of pictures along the way as well. It's an interesting hobby, as we manage to see the good, bad and ugly of every place we visit by going to look for trains. The "industrial" sections of most cities is rather rugged to say the least and can be on the wrong side of the tracks - no pun intended.

We were on a mission to find new bed linens and curtains for our master bedroom. We found the linens - unfortunately, the curtains were all made to order and we hesitated to invest in them and then have to be available to go and pick them up when they are complete. When you live outside of the country it just doesn't seem right to order something to have to go back and get...does that make sense?

The same thing happened with a ring I was totally in love with at JC Penny. I fell totally in love with it online and went directly to the jewelry case to have a look when we got there. It clearly stated that the ring was available up to a size 10 - OK - I have big fingers..and I take a size totally excited when I saw it and it was stunning! ***sigh*** not only not available right away in a 10 but had to sent away somewhere to be sized and couldn't be shipped to Canada...they ship everything else to Canada from JC Penny but not jewelry. stunning ring for me. ***pout*** It really was beautiful. :^(

Back to the linen set we purchased. Now....I am something of a sheet snob...OK...I am a sheet whore! I embrace it and am proud of it. I like nothing less than a 300 thread count sheet and prefer nothing less than a 500 thread count sheet. So, here we are in bedding stores and department stores where the prices are ranging for bedding sets between $300 and $800...the bed in a bag sets...around $400 include the comforter, bed skirt, shams, sheets and in some cases accent pillows...the sheets....200 THREAD COUNT!!! Come on people! What the hell??!! Why on God Green Earth would I pay $400 for a set that includes BURLAP SHEETS??!!! Have a little pride! Have a little respect for the consumer who is supposed to by your product??~~ I don't give a rats hairy behind if the set was designed by Chaps - if the sheets you are including are 200 thread count you can give the set to the dogs to sleep in, I'm not buying it!!!

We looked in every store, no matter how high end and they all managed to sneak those cheap ass sheets into the set = the highest thread count we saw in a bed in a bag was 250 thread count. EEWWEEE!!! No way!

So we settled on a comforter set without sheets. It's lovely. Very elegant and rich in appearance. The set was originally $300 and it was on sale at JC Penny for $119 - SOLD~! we purchased coordinating throw pillows in cream and red and now have to find red sheets and curtains to coordinate as well as a throw blanket of some sort to finish it off. So the hunt begins. That's half the fun and of course seeing how much I can save at the same time is the other half. Wish me luck.

On another note...I mentioned that I was laid off on September 13th. I have had one job interview, a pre-screening and got a message this morning to call another prospective employer to arrange an interview. I guess you could say things are going well on that end. Again, wish me luck I not only make the right choice but find the "right fit"...of course my last job felt like the right fit and look what happened there? My ass still stings from the boot print left behind by the 'thanks we'll keep in touch'! **That was a little snarky wasn't it? Oops. Sometimes that just sneaks out.***

Well, I must finish this and compose myself to call back the employer looking for an interview. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for stopping by.


Sunshine ;^D


  1. Ha ha. You caught me. :)

    I'm totally a sheet snob, too. I have two new sets of 600 thread count sheets. (Gotta be careful with anything stated higher than that cuz sometimes it's just one thread doubled). Fat fingers? I almost wish. I can NEVER find any rings to fit me. I wear a 4 1/2. (Used to be a 4, but I gained a few million pounds.)

    Good luck on the job hunt!!!!

  2. LOL!! 4 1/2??!! Holy Hannah! that is small! OH I know what you mean with thread count! Sneaky bastards! I love my sheets. Makes going to bed a treat. I am now looking for curtains to match the new bedding...gonna be fun...I just know it.