Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hello All!

Here are the cards I promised last week. They have been sitting very politely on my desk waiting for their moment in front of the camera! I FINALLY took their photo's today. The challenges these were to be entered in are of course long over. The sketches remain terrific though and I will be using them over and over.


I quickly whipped up the Save The Date chart on my 'puter using my word processing utility. I used ©Clammy Pete on this one - Clam Bake - is the event of the day and ©Clammy Pete is wondering if this is an invitation or if he is a menu item!! What do you think?!!! LOL


©HerkyBird is reading the riot act to his passengers! I guess fair warning is warning enough huh??!! What do you all think of what I did with the ribbon on this one? I love the crinkled ribbon look of the "stapled ribbon technique" but can't honestly say I like the look of the staples themselves. So I did the crinkled ribbon and used random glue dots to hold it in place. I am pretty pleased with the end result...what are your opinions? The sentiment is computer generated and made me giggle because when we were on our last flight "together" (hubby travels far more than I do) the flight attendant advised all smokers that they were welcome to smoke on either wing during the flight!! ***Snicker***


©Tipsy McStagger has been morphed into soda mugs full of Cream Soda and Grape Soda! What do you think>! I think they look yummy! I used last weeks MMSC for the layout of this one. I really like this sketch and can see myself using it again & again. What do you think of ©Tipsy's alter ego ©Topsy McStagger??!! She is sporting some long eye lashes rosy red lips! The bottle caps were computer generated. Hope you like this one, I am very pleased with it!


©HerkyBird once again, this time with last weeks MOJO Monday layout (I believe). I used a quote from the classic movie "Airplane" for the sentiment. The yellow airplane is actually a button I picked up at the local Walmart. Hope you like this one.

Thank for stopping by everyone. I apologize again for being a bad blogger. I think I am getting back on track. I am heading to my card room with lots of idea's and sketches. Lets see what I can create today!

Sunshine with only slight overcast!


  1. What a fantastic selection of cards, love what you have done with them all, Clammy Pete is a brilliant idea for party invite, I think you have done fab with crinkled ribbon, looks like Herkybird is flying over low clouds. Just love purple McStagger, wondered how I could make him purple. LOL Take CareX:)

  2. Cute cards Sunshine! Love the one about leaving the plane. Hehehe!!

  3. Wonderful job on all of these - very clever ideas!! LOve the lippy on Topsy!
    Glad to hear you're feeling more like yourself - we've missed you!

  4. Love them all! Amazing work! Love Lady McTipsy- I need to make some soda cards.

  5. wow!! all of these are just brilliant! I love the little clams!