Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Stephanie Plum Obsession

I have to admit I am totally hooked on Janet Evanovich books, novels, scribbles, blogs..hell if she wrote her grocery list on a napkin I'd read it!! Seriously, she makes me laugh out loud in an empty room. If you haven't read her books before; now is the time to start.

She has a great series of novels featuring Stephanie Plum as a bounty hunter with a lingerie buyer really I'm not making this up!! The chemistry between Stephanie, her gramma, parents and the two men in her life is priceless.

DO NOT eat while reading these WILL choke, spit, sputter and gulp trying not to laugh too loudly. I have been known to lay beside my sleeping husband and laugh so hard but trying to be quiet about it. I failed because I ended up shaking the bed with my mirth!! LOL!!

I am soooo excited!!! They are making a movie of the first Plum novel - "One For the Money" and they have casted Katherine Heigel as Stephanie Plum.

I agree 100%!! Katherine is cute and quirky enough to do the character justice. Her two love interests have been decided on now too! Hold on to your seats gals...grab a napkin...drool alert!!

Joe Morelli is going to be played by: Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars)

Ranger is going to be played by: Daniel Sunjata (Rescue Me)....ummm....drool!!! ***Wipes Chin***

It's time to start re-reading my Plum Mystery novels! Head on out to your local book store, go to your favourite on-line these novels and find a comfy seat and settle in for the best read you've had a long time!! I promise you there will be no regrets...unless you worry about all of the money you are going to spend once you get hooked on Stephanie and her hyjinks! These books are like McDonald french fries, Lays potato chips and Mike & can't eat just one!!

Thanks for stopping by for a chat folks. On a personal went well today. I am working with a great group of gals. So far so good.


Sunshine :~D


  1. I keep seeing her name on books popping up everywhere, but I've never read her. Maybe now I will!

    Glad to hear your first day went well!

  2. YEAH!! LOVE this series i've read it twice so far, can't wait for the movie!! Hope they do it justice!!

  3. I have great hopes for the movie...there is a lot riding on it..I wouldn't want to be Katherine...those of us who love these books have certain expectations...that's a lot to live up to!! Lets not even discuss Morelli and Ranger...gulp...oh my...**sigh** we'll all be in a puddle the first time we hear "babe".