Thursday, October 14, 2010

Something to think about as Remembrance Day approaches

I love Rick Mercer, he say's what I think and does it in such a way that we can't deny the truths in his rants.

I happen to have been brought up with a parent in the Canadian military. My grandfather served in the war and lost a leg. My mother's father was a war correspondent. We (My brother and I) were brought up to respect the military and the sacrifices being made by the men and women in the military. Who, for the 35 years before 9/11 were strongly unsung hero's. The wars had ended and for the most part Canadians sat back secure that our country was safe. The threat was gone and all was well in the world.

Sadly, our countries military has never been at rest. There has never been a time that our military men and women have been able to sit back and relax. We {the Canadian Military} have been involved in one way or another in every major conflict around the world since the end of the Second World War, but we did it quietly. We did it, like all Canadians function, with humility and decorum. I am not saying that our men and women are perfect or that they didn't step out of line now and then...but then again...they are men and women and as a result they are subject to "free will".

My father was in the military forever! But, under the old rules, he was not considered a Veteran. He served his country for more than 30 years but he was not a veteran. If he were alive today, he would be a veteran. How times have changed.

My big brother, who served in Kandahar/Afghanistan is a veteran...but was a veteran before he served "in theater". Have I ever mentioned how proud I am of my big brother? {{I am}} My hubby is a serving member of the Canadian Air Force and my brother is a reservist now that he has retired from full time service.

I am a DAMN PROUD CANADIAN MILITARY WIFE & SISTER...but presently I am not that proud of the political parties in Canada and their decisions in regard to our wounded Canadian fact I am ashamed. Ashamed that these men and women can serve our country at personal risk and injury. They have returned to their country wounded...physically and mentally only to find out they are going to be punished financially by the very government they served to protect and laid down their very lives for...shame, shame on you - Canadian political leaders who approved the changes to the Veteran's Affairs Act! Shame on you Mr. Prime Minister for firing the one man you appointment to watch out for our great Canadian hero's!!

Please watch this rant by Rick Mercer...he states it what do we do as Canadians sitting comfortably in our living rooms while our friends, family, neigbours fight for us? Think of them, talk about this. Open a dialogue with each other...don't let this issue fall to the wayside...write a letter to the editor, change your vote, talk to your MP, call your MLA. BE HEARD!!

At the risk of repeating myself...I am a DAMN PROUD CANADIAN MILITARY WIFE...are you a DAMN PROUD CANADIAN??

We support our fallen like no other lets support our fallen that are trying to get back up!

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  1. So true...the Canadian military is often poked fun at, and for what reason? Because they're "quieter" about their achievements? Because they're "smaller" than some other countries (which shall remain nameless)......

    I hadn't heard of the changes to the Veteran's Affairs sad that those who serve and protect are cut down and rendered low on the "priorities" list.