Friday, June 12, 2009


Hubby called from work yesterday afternoon asking if I could "whip up a Get Well Card" for one of the guys at work who had just had surgery. This is what I came up with. I used one of my new pieces of 'rubbah' of course!! LOL!! This is guy is called "EGG" spresso" and is from Whipper Snapper Designs. I kept this card clean and simple because it is for a manly man!! LOL. The background colour is simply Momento's Potters Clay smudged into the actual card edges. The ribbon is from Michael's.

As always I have provided the right and left views of the cards to give you all a different perspective of the project. I have to say...I am pretty pleased with that bow!! This ribbon is kinda cool...its feels almost rubberized. It's a little awkward to handle but once you manipulate it the way you want it holds it's shape wonderfully and doesn't fray. You have to like that!!

Now this guy has many sentiments to choose from, unfortunately none of them spoke to me. This had to be for a "guys, guy". I actually frowned and got all serious looking when I typed that!!! So...I thunk and I thunk and this is the sentiment I came up with. I used some of my fancy dancy fonts to spice it up a bit and cracks me up!!! ROFL!!! Don't you just hate it when people find themselves funny!! LOL!!! Well...I am off. I made some glue dots and strips last night with Aleen's Tack it Over & Over and I need to put those away so I can get at my desk to get inky!!

If you have never used Aleen's Tack It Over & Over, let me tell you a bit about what I use it for. I buy mostly unmounted stamps; and to store them I keep them in binders. Once I have trimmed my new rubber I lay them all out, face down, on my desk and get out my Aleen's and a flat headed 1/4" paint brush {I used to use this one when I tole painted}. All I do is squeeze a small drop on the stamp and use the paint brush to spread it completely over the back in a very thin layer {so no white is showing - which is the colour of the glue} and leave it to dry. Because I use a very thin layer the glue dries within the hour. I then have stamps that are sticky but completely re positional. I then put them on laminated sheets in my binders and they are good to go. The other great thing about Alleen's Tack It Over & Over is that you can drop droplets of it on shiny paper {butchers paper is great} and leave it to dry overnight and then you have GLUE DOTS without going out and spending extra money for them!! Of course the money savings is terrific...and we have already determined I am all about saving money!!! The other great thing about making your own Glue Dots is that you control the size & depth. Last night I made the usual size I use - 1/4" but I also made some long strips that will be great for anchoring larger images. Well, I certainly hope I haven't bored you cross-eyed!! Let me know if you try this little tip!! Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Hehehe - very clever!! Love it!

  2. Ohhhh he's soooo cute!!!!!! This is adorable Sunshine!!!!

  3. This is so cute and pretty too!