Monday, June 15, 2009


Hi all!! Well it has been a busy weekend here. My hubby was out cutting trim moldings for the kitchen cupboards at 8AM Saturday morning!! We chose a half rope border for the top of the kitchen cupboards instead of crown molding because we believe the crown moldings would be a little too fussy for the existing cupboards. They are pretty we decided to just use the rope moldings and I have to say....WINNER!!! Hubby has put the first coat of paint on the cupboards and again I have to breathe a sigh of's perfect. Now the decision is upon us...what colour to paint the cupboard doors?? Do we go with the base colour or pick up the wall colour? There is also the option of going with a co ordinating green from the hallway or entryway. I worry about the cupboard doors being too that takes out the entryway colour. Hmmm....decisions, decisions.

We put the new ceiling light up this weekend and miracle of miracles we have good light in the kitchen!! We chose a 6 light gimble light that has flexible arms to position it where the light is needed most. It's just FABULOUS!! I can now work at my counter without standing in my own light! Wonder how good the food will taste now that I can see what I'm doing!! LOL!!

Well, I have a TON of cards to make this week!! Stay tuned for some new creations to be posted in the morning or early afternoon!! thanks for stopping by. Sorry I didn't upload this weekend at all. No all!!!

Sunshine :)

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  1. Yay for the new mouldings being perfect - and for the new kitchen lights!! Sounds like its all going to be fantastic!!!
    Hugs, Shannah xox