Sunday, May 17, 2009


Here is my hubby's newest painting!!

This is the aircraft that my father worked on when I was growing up. My father was in the Air Force and the Argus has always held a special place in my heart. It also holds a special place in my hubby's heart since he grew up close to the air force base and there is no way you can do that and not grow attached to the planes that fly overhead!!
This painting is destined to be featured in a book that is being written on the Argus so it will be in print in the next year or so!! As far as the original is concerned?? Well, I like this one alot so I'm not sure if we are selling it or not!! I'm sure I can find a place to showcase it on one of our newly painted walls!!! LOL!! You can visit my hubby's painting site at He has been a little slack at uploading to his site, but I will be nagging him now that I am uploading all the time!! Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. What a talent! The reflected water on that runway and the grey overcast rainy day is marvelous. I don't know about planes, but I know art ! hooray!

  2. Hi Rob - Its Harold
    am wondering how the FSX Argus is coming. Sure would like to have that "old Girl" again as I lost the first version you sent me