Sunday, May 17, 2009



My entry for this weeks Technique Challenge on STV. I call it Reach For The Moon. This is a really cool technique of embossing regular tin foil using your Cuttlebug! Really cool use for a normal household supply. The image of the beautiful lady reaching is a Gina K image. The stars and sentiment come from Paper Makeup. There is some clear heart shaped bling on the right of the ribbon which is from a local Buck or Two. The ribbon is from Walmarts sewing department. The corner brads are from our local Dollar Store. Let me know what you think. I am pleased with the results, but have to admit I am now intrigued to see what else I can do with the foil instead of just as a background. I am also going to give this technique a try with wax paper and see what I can come up with too. I will post a pic of the results...even if it turns out horrible. LOL!!

Its hard to believe our long weekend is almost half over. I have accomplished nothing!!! My hubby however...he has finished his latest painting. I will post a pic of it as soon as he has a digital pic of it small enough to load here. He has also primed the horrible dark wood trim in our hallway and put the first coat on the revamped closet doors.

Our house was built in 1966 and unfortunately we have the original dark wood everywhere. I can hear some of you thinking, "what's wrong with that?"; well there would be nothing wrong with it had it been good wood to begin with!! Its just stock moldings that have been stained dark walnut...just ugly...with a capital "UG"!! So we, and when I say we I mean my hubby, is systematically going throughout the house and erradicating the dark wood with lovely cottage white!!! So clean and creamy! Perfect with our 1966 bungalow. Maybe I will post picks when we are finished. The hallway has already brightened up with the dark wood primed!

Well, I must get upstairs and get supper going. We are having bbq'd ribs!! YUM!! The ribs have been slow cooking with my famous spice rub for a couple of hours in the to the bbq to carmelize the bbq sauce!! Yummo!! Thanks for stopping by!!!


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