Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, here it is, Tuesday afternoon and I am so far behind on my day's plans I don't think I will be getting caught up today! Here are my pics for this weeks STV Friday Potluck Challenge. As promised I did the challenge this week with scraps left over from last weeks challenge.
I also got wildly crazy and submitted this card to Mojo Monday...I submitted it too late for consideration...but the big thing is that I submitted it!!! LOL!! I am a chicken!!

The image of the flower is a Gina K stamp and the bumblebee is a SU! stamp. I added the flower to the Gina K image to give it that 3D effect I did with last weeks flower. Thankfully I had a flower that would coordinate with the way I coloured the image! I would like to tell you that I am so forward thinking that I planned the way they coordinate together...but alas that would be a fib!! I do not hold claim to such forethought...I stumbled up on coordination in this instance! In fact if I did hold claim to the a fore mentioned "forethought and planning" I would have used a blue cs as my base. I instead went with Dark Racy Raspberry for my cs as when I was laying it all out last night the scrap of racy rasp was sitting there on my desk saying, "Look at me..I go terrifically with the outlines of the flowers on the dp!!" So, being able to see that the rasp cs was in fact correct...that is what I chose to use!! It was when I put the two projects together that the niggling thought entered my head that preyhaps a blue might have been a better choice. Oh well...in for penny, in for a pound! The sentiment on the inside is from Stampology's Remember set, which I just love. The flowers on the inside are from the local Buck or Two store. By the by...I just love discount stores!! If anyone reading this lives in Winnipeg...drop me a comment on your favourite discount craft stores!! I just love 'em!!

Well, thanks for stopping by today. I have to research on the net how to make one of those terrific signature lines to show up at the end of each post. If any of you know how...please don't keep it a secret, leave me a comment or drop me a line at valleysunshine@hotmail.com I would love to know! I am so new to the blogging world I squeak!! LOL!! Have a great day everybody!!


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