Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hi All!!

We got up early this morning and headed to Grand Forks, ND!! Spent a great day shopping!! Got some new craft exciting!! and some great new clothes from my favourite girlie store, Lane Bryant!! LOVE THIS STORE!! goes without card making today! But watch out tomorrow!! I will be at it again!! Hubby is going to be putting the first coat of Hint Mint on the hallway tomorrow I will be keeping out of the way by settling in to my card room!! ***Rubbing hands together in delight!!*** Giddy with anticipation!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry there wasn't an update today...but I promise at least one and hopefully two updated cards tomorrow!! My niece has a birthday on Tuesday so a card is REQUIRED for that!! Not to mention a triple layer cake!! Two layers of chocolate with the middle layer coconut cake!! Also...I have to try out my new toys from today!!!

Ciao for now!!


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