Friday, May 22, 2009


Hi All!!

I say that hoping there is more than me reading this notice!! LOL!! As I mentioned earlier this week I was having huge issues launching my blog. I couldn't get into it at all because of an Internet Explorer {IE} error. I headed to Blogger's Help and found out that IE has been having these issues for a while and that while it happens in IE it does not happen in Fire Fox!! That was all I needed to hear. I immediately downloaded FF yesterday and all of the error messages are gone!! Not only that, but those pesky delays loading pages no longer exists on my laptop!! Why didn't I do this ages ago!!

I thoroughly and enthusiastically recommend FIRE FOX to you all!! Make the switch!! You will be happier for it!! Oh!! It also migrates your bookmarks AND it has an option to launch tabs that you had open from your last session!!! Soooo, you don't have to save multiple home pages, it will just load where you left off last time!! LOVE IT!!! There are terrific add-ons too!!! For instance it will spell check for you automatically!! The OCD in me LOVES THIS!!!

Thanks for stopping by! I don't think I will be working on a card this afternoon it's just too nice and sunny and warm today. I hear my neglected flower beds calling my name! I am going to post one of my favourites here though to give you a little laugh!!


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