Saturday, May 30, 2009


...hubby has a new blog~!!!!!! I have nagged and nagged and nagged and NAGGED {you get the idea} and F I N A L L Y...he has joined the 21st CENTURY with his own blog about his mistress!! Yup you read that right!!! His mistress the CANADAIR ARGUS!!! What is an ARGUS you ask??!! GOOD QUESTION!!! It is a 1950's era anti-submarine warfare aircraft designed by Canadair LTD of Cartierville, QC. Still in the dark???? LOL!! I knew it!!! Here is a picture...I have already posted a pic of his latest painting, but I will post it again!! can go to his blog: CANADAIR ARGUS or visit his website AIRFORCE ART , which I am currently nagging him to update {BWAHAHAHA} to check out more pics of his paintings.

I am very proud of him!! He also does paintings of trains...but that's a whole other story!!! More nagging is to ensue!!!! {picture Mr. Burns tapping his fingers together!! BWAHAHAHA}

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  1. Thanks for your kind words, Sunshine! I'm so glad you joined our weekly sketch, you've got a great personality. And your hubby paints very well too. What a talented couple :)